Staff Engagement

Staff Engagement

High levels of staff engagement can make a real different to your bottom line. Research has established that the more deeply staff engage with their work, the more productive they are, the better their attendance levels and the less likely they are to move to a new job.

But because no two businesses or organisations are the same, engagement interventions and strategies must be carefully tailored to specific practices and cultures.

We specialise in developing engagement strategies so that a range of complementary interventions work cohesively together. These include increasing the involvement of staff in decisions that affect the way they work, implementing healthy workplace initiatives and ensuring communications support engagement.

We will also
•    help you undertake a ‘temperature test’ to assess which intervention (s) suit your needs
•    show you how to develop a feedback culture that allows both managers and staff to discuss work performance
•    show ways of re-aligning roles to make jobs more interesting and enable employees to gain new skills
•    develop recognition schemes that show employees that their contribution is valued.

Employees with the highest level of commitment can show a 20% improvement in performance and are 87% less likely to leave the organization.