Do your staff have a sleeping problem?

February 15, 2016

Recent research from a bed manufacturing company (Sealy UK) have revealed the sleeping habits of 1000 workers and how it impacts on their attendance at work:

-        32% said that they wake up feeling tired

-        21%  of these have called in sick as a result.

-        6% of men are more likely to “pull a sickie” than women

-        10% admitted to falling asleep at their PC

-        12% confirmed that they regularly take a “power nap” during working hours.

The cost of poor sleeping habits and the impact this has on attendance has been estimated to cost around £453m in lost productivity.

The first step employers should take to tackle this is to ensure that they have a robust sickness absence procedure in place.   Carrying our return to work interviews reduce sickness absence by a third.   If you want to know more information about managing sickness absence please contact us.