Are your staff wasting time on-line?

January 25, 2016

A survey by Watchshop highlights how much time is lost on non-related work on-line activity, and it’s quite worrying.  The figures are as follows:

- Checking personal emails:  4 days (32 hours) per year

- Checking social media:  3 days (24 hours) per year

- Taking private phone calls: 3 days (24 hours) per year

- On-line shopping: 3 days (24 hours) per year

Are you (now) worried about what your staff are doing during the working day?  There are steps that you can take as an employer which will ensure that your staff are aware of companies policies around the use of on-line resources and your rights as an employer to monitor all electronic communications.

If you would like further information about what you can do as an employer about your staff’s on-line activity, please get in touch.